Autumn colours

Thursday, April 28, 2016

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These photos popped up a few weeks ago on the photo inset in my twitter page. I had tweeted links to all these photos separately but when seen together they make the most perfect autumn colour mood board.

Do you experience autumn where you live? We don't really get autumn here in Alice Springs but it is nice to dream. My most favourite autumn memory is driving to uni along Frome Street in Adelaide under the canopy of trees with leaves changing colour. Just beautiful!

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Pregnancy 3rd Trimester

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pregnancy 3rd Trimester | Girl in the Pjs

The third trimester is no piece of cake. The second trimester of pregnancy is where it is at. The third heralds the return of no energy, increased body aches and pains and no sleep. I've decided that the word for this trimester is waddle. Seriously, I waddle everywhere!

Here's how everything else is going:

This trimester heralds the end of the boundless energy. Naps are back on the agenda. I wake up non stop during the night to go to the toilet and I often feel more achy when I wake up in the morning than I did when I went to bed.

The cooler weather is here. I am no where near as swollen but there is still a fair amount of swelling.

I'm feeling a little nauseous each morning but nothing like the first trimester!

Aches and Pains
The tummy just aches non stop. It feels as though the baby has grown and the tummy has not grown with it. The 'little kicks' hurt. I am constantly out of breath, even when I am sitting down.

Nothing fits and every bra I own, including maternity bras are uncomfortable. Why do they make them so that they jab you in the side even if there is no wire? All pants dig in too and all tops seem to be too short. I have found refuge in the Men's Chesty Bonds singlets. They are really long & cover the entire belly.

The gym has been curtailed as I am far too tired to turn up at the gym. I haven't suspended my membership yet as I keep hoping that I'll be able to go!

Work will be finishing up this Friday, at the beginning of 36 Weeks. Not a minute too soon. It's too uncomfortable to sit at a desk but equally uncomfortable walking around!

How was the third trimester for you? A piece of cake or a little harder to deal with? I'm assuming the latter. You just end up so big that the body struggles to cope.

Stay tuned next week when I discuss my main pregnancy complication and associated anxiety.

Ps Pregnancy 1st Trimester and Pregnancy 2nd Trimester

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Girl in the Pjs
There are so many lovely things that you could give to your mum from our local Alice Springs gift stores. I've pulled together a few ideas above to help steer you in the right direction, but like any good store, each of these shops offer many other options so get out and get in and shop local this mother's day.

1. A cookbook, or any other book, there are many, at Central Newsagency

2. Steviie Earrings from Mixed Lollies

3. Native flowers from Coles or Woolies - not a gift store but flowers always need a mention

4. The Aromatherapy Co Home Fragrancy Kit from Exotiq Homewares

5. Wine glasses from Novita Gifts - Nick and Lulu bought me wine glasses last year, always well received.

6. Tiff Manuell Clutch from Mixed Lollies

Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Girl in the Pjs
A few other things on offer at Mixed Lollies

An evening at the Alice Springs Desert Park

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

 photo An-Evening-at-the-Desert-Park_zpsqwzmqhrb.jpg
The Alice Springs Desert Park recently had an open evening. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I went to the Desert Park. Like over ten years! Turns out that a lot has changed in 10 years. There is now an aquarium, a desert waterlife exhibit, a dingo enclosure and many more fun things for kids.

The Desert Park presents an number of different desert ecosystems and contributes to the conservation of desert flora and fauna. The nocturnal house is still my favourite. You can see all sorts of desert animals that only come out at night like the brush-tailed phascogale. Lulu loved the aquarium - yes there are desert fish!

Here are a few photos from our visit & if you are ever in Alice Springs, put the Desert Park at the top of your to do list! 
 photo Desert-Park-2_zps0qzbys0w.jpg photo Desert-Park-3_zpspgctgooj.jpg photo Desert-Park-1_zpskvqi42e3.jpg photo Desert-Park-4_zpstwuilqbn.jpg photo Desert-Park-5_zpsb5j3glmh.jpg photo Desert-Park-6_zpsdezdfa7m.jpg photo Desert-Park-7_zpsr3tsy2lw.jpg
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