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Saturday, January 17, 2015

 photo swamp_zps8ade7fc2.jpg
The ground has slowly dried up this over this week*, leaving a bit of clean up to do in our yard. So many weeds have sprouted and I want to yank them out before they take over! Gardening is on the agenda this weekend, as is a big clean up and clean out of the house - inside and out. We still need to finish off installing our wardrobes and the fun job of hanging artwork. The list is endless. Happy Weekend!

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:
How to eat clean in 7 easy steps over on Eat Move Dream - I have been following Rachel's journey on instagram, it's been very inspiring and I am so glad she has started a blog!

How Amy Poehler and Tina Fey made the Golden Globes the first feminist awards show - on the Guardian

A statistical analysis that answers the age old question - is Triple J becoming more mainstream?

Gilmore Girls fan? I watched 5 seasons when I was pregnant with Lulu! Gilmore along over at Meet Me at Mikes.

*Photos of the big wet here

Things I Love - The Goodnight Society

Friday, January 16, 2015

 photo Things-I-love-New-Aussie-Sleepwear_zpsb8b88dac.jpg
Before Christmas I treated myself to a new pjs from the Goodnight Society. The Goodnight Society are a new Aussie Pj company, launched last year. The prints are quite funky and have cool names such as Hot like a Sunrise and That's Cactus. They use organic cotton and only manufacture using factories that care for their workers and pay a living wage and ensure that women are given equal pay for equal work. That's not all, they have also partnered with the Heartfelt Project and each sleepwear order comes with a Heartfelt heart. Heartfelt hearts are sewn using traditional methods in South Africa and each purchase goes to help feed and cloth the ladies who make them and their families. What a great idea, pjs and helping those in need.

The Good Night Society pjs are really comfy. I bought the Hot like Sunrise pj pants. The sunny colour brightens your morning and you just feel good wearing them. What more can I say? I recommend them to all.

 photo the-goodnight-society_zpsb97d7896.jpg

Christmas Beach Holiday 2014

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

 photo beach2_zps820c98e5.jpg
Manyana Beach, NSW
After Christmas at my Aunt's we headed further south to Bendalong. I had booked us a cabin at the Bendalong Point Tourist Park way back in May and my parents had booked an unpowered site for their solar powered caravan.

We had never been there before but we wanted to spend a little more time with my parents & my mum loves the beach, as do I, so a caravan park holiday was perfect. The park had a splash park and large jumpy pillow, and there was a playground on the beach, so Lulu was unsure exactly what activity she should do first!

We spent our mornings driving to Milton for lovely coffee and breakfast and our afternoons at the beach. It was so restful and relaxing. It all feels a little like a dream now that we're back here at work. Till next time.... Links to our favourite spots below.
 photo beach-ready_zps1b61aaf6.jpg
Beach ready with her running shoes
 photo photo-by-Lulu_zps7eaabe5f.jpg
Photo by Lulu
 photo beach_zpsa36c5c12.jpg photo beach-3_zps88c1850d.jpg

 photo kangaroos_zps7fd9df32.jpg
Kangaroos came right up to the cabin - I couldn't help but think how lucky they were to live here
Stay - Bendalong Point Tourist Park
Beach - Bendalong Point & Manyana
Eat - Pilgrims Cafe, Milton, Fish & Chips on the beach, Bendalong, the best chilli chorizo sausages you will ever taste from Ted's Quality Meat at Milton, the best sourdough baguettes from Flour Water Salt, Milton
Shop - Milton had so many cute stores to look in, we were impressed with Milton, to say the least, can you tell?

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

 photo river-1_zpsd1f0cfbe.jpg
The flowing Todd River
January in Alice Springs is normally hot, hot, hot. We returned from holidays expecting it to be 40+ for the foreseeable future and were pleasantly surprised to discover it raining as we stepped off the plane. And it pretty much hasn't stopped raining since. It's also been strongly cool. I've been wearing jeans and boots to work - in January! Unheard of, till now!
 photo River-2_zps42b19833.jpg
The Todd River
 photo river-3_zps20a62bcd.jpg The river (which is usually dry) came down on Thursday and has been flowing ever since. Our pool hasn't been filled since before Christmas and it is now to the brim. Last night it rained so hard that our street became a river, flowing over both kerbs & into some driveways. Luckily we had our roof replaced last year, otherwise we may not have had a dry refuge in our place. Friends have had their kitchen turn into a swimming pool & as much as we are all loving the rain it is probably time for it to stop now. 2015 you sure are bringing lots of surprises! Fire in Adelaide and floods in Alice Springs. Climate change is taking it's toll. Let's pressure our politicians to start doing something about it.

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:

House plant watering instructions on June Letters Studio Blog - I am hopeless with keeping house plants alive, but am going to try this year! I've had success with my office plant last year so fingers crossed this translates to this year.

I love that in her quest for a minimalist wardrobe, Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves has gotten rid of her 'rag pile' of comfy clothes and swapped them for pajama sets - my kind of woman.

These gold shorts are just gorgeous!

More rain in the Alice photos here
 photo Our-street_zps7fce3bb5.jpg
The river in our street & me in my pjs, of course!

Daily Sunscreen

Friday, January 9, 2015

 photo sense_zps1ad2f0f0.jpg
Before Christmas I was sent a tube of Sense Daytime Protective Emulsion to review*, but with the business of the season I didn't get a chance to post anything, however, I did get a chance to truly test the sunscreen out. With many days spent at the beach, a moisturiser with sunscreen has been a must. Sometimes I just don't trust the sunscreen in my CC Cream & other days you don't wear CC Cream so yeah, a separate moisturising sunscreen has been essential.

The Sense Daytime Protective Emulsion with sunscreen is light to wear, some moisturising sunscreens can feel so heavy on the skin, but this one doesn't. You can wear it as a base with just a little bit of powder and mascara and away you go. The best thing about this sunscreen is the smell! I don't know about you but I love beauty products that have a great smell. I know, smell is so subjective but trust me, this one smells amazing!

Light weight, smells great and protects from the sun (no burns for me!) - 4 out of 5 stars.

*While I was sent this product to review, opinions are my own.

Christmas 2014

Monday, January 5, 2015

 photo studio_zpsc67fb5e9.jpg
Ahhh Christmas. I really love Christmas and this year we were able to spend it with my Mum's sisters on the NSW south-coast. My Aunt let Nick, Lulu & I stay in her gorgeous brand new studio (literally finished construction the day before we arrived!) and my parents set up their caravan behind the studio. We spent the early parts of Christmas morning opening presents, drinking coffee and eating gingerbread on the deck of the studio before heading to my Aunts for champagne and more presents.
 photo christmas-1_zps9977fc66.jpg photo Christmas-4_zpsf871f9cf.jpg photo gingerbread_zps43f8eb15.jpg photo christmas-3_zps5fe057f5.jpg
Lunch was a wash out with the rain that was forecast for later in the day arriving much sooner. We enjoyed a generous ham and salads indoors instead, preceded by dozens of oysters. Champagne, food and family, what Christmas is all about, hey?! I hope you had a good one x
 photo christmas-2_zps9c4bd98d.jpg

New Years Eve Plans?

Monday, December 29, 2014

 photo New-Years-Inspiration_zpsff6ed8ca.jpg
Source - 1, 2, 3, 4
What's your plan for New Years Eve? Over the last few years I have really enjoyed just hanging out with a few friends, a nice dinner or BBQ and a few drinks. Nothing too crazy & probably what we'll end up doing this year. But it is nice to jazz up the party a little. The photos above lend a little inspiration for just that. A bit of sparkle, a bit of glitter. I also LOVE this table setting and the glitter at this party is out of control in an awesome way. Whatever your plans, I hope you have a happy and safe New Years x

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

 photo merry-christmas_zpsed1d578a.jpg
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!! I'm taking a little break over Christmas but will be back between Christmas and New Years with a few posts to ease the post-christmas blues.

And if you have a little time, please enjoy these awesome Muppets Chirstmas you tube clips - a friend posted one on Facebook the other day - seriously why did no one tell me that the Muppets are doing you tube clips?! I love the Muppets! Enjoy....

Link Love

Saturday, December 20, 2014

 photo wrapping_zpsea1234e2.jpg

I wasn't sure about doing a link love post this week. This week has been a bit of a shocker and has really hit home the message about the need to tackle domestic and family violence in Australia. We need to do more.

on the web...
Floral tributes in Martin Place
Memorial for disability advocate Stella Young

and on a lighter note.....
beautiful furniture by Urban Couture on Dot + Pop 
a box of this might be the perfect gift for someone who has everything on Of the Kitten Kind
tips for styling your Christmas table in really unchristmasy ways on The Grace Tales

Just a Minute in December

Thursday, December 18, 2014

 photo gingerbread-latte_zps247b805c.jpg

Listening - to CeeLo's Magic Moment

Making - cinnamon biscuits from this recipe

Eating - the cinnamon biscuits of course!

Drinking - homemade gingerbread lattes - from this recipe - gingerbread lattes really make it feel like Christmas - and they're so easy to make.

Reading - Yes Please by Amy Poeler - she is so funny and has a manner that instantly makes you feel      as though you are close friends.

Watching - Christmas movies - today we watched one of my favourites - The Muppets Christmas Carol

Wishing - that we were already on holidays. The countdown is on!

What are you up to? This time of year is so busy, but if you do have just a minute please leave your answers or a link in the comments below.
 photo lulu-baking_zps115da86d.jpg
I do have to credit my friend with taking this cute photo. Lulu was explaining to her how you make biscuits!
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