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Saturday, August 1, 2015

 photo Coolibah-Swamp-Alice-Springs_zpsjcybk15n.jpg
Ankerre Ankerre - The Coolibah Swamp on my evening run Tuesday night
Monday is Picnic Day, I'm not sure exactly what it is all about but I am not going to complain about a public holiday! It will be savoured as this weekend is the last of the long weekends, until Christmas. However will we cope with fully working weeks each month?

Lulu and I are solo this weekend, well as solo as two people can be, while Nick is mountain bike riding in Melrose, SA. We will be going to swimming lessons, dining with friends, visiting parks and possibly watching a little tv. What will you be doing this fine Picnic Day weekend? Hope you have a good one!

Catching my eye on the internets this week:
We all love a good separated at birth story, well these twins met each other online at age 25! Story via  Twisted Sifter

The Human Rights Commission has started a Supporting Working Parents Website and Lisa Lintern on the Guardian is asking parents not to lie when they need to leave work early to pick up their kids.

Love this pendant light over on Copy Cat Chic

What we were up to Picnic Day weekend last year...

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Things I love from Bonds: Lulu Edition

Thursday, July 30, 2015

 photo Things-I-love-from-Bonds_zpsrqmt1k5r.jpg
I have been a huge fan of Bonds from way back and it's no secret that most of Lulu's baby clothes were Bonds*. Bonds have just released new prints and by goodness they are awesome. Above is my pick for a Lulu outfit. She have the coral cardigan. It washes well and has been mistaken for hand made! The drop crotch pants are also a comfy win and she always gets compliments on them. Not pictured are the girl's jocks that Lulu just loves. The new season prints are just gorgeous and to make your heart melt, check out the Bonds Baby Lookbook!

*Bonds currently have a GOOD ethical rating. I am not affiliated with Bonds but am open to be...

Seven Things to Read, Listen, Eat, Drink or Watch

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

 photo seven-things_zpsaqadibrt.jpg

Here are seven things that I have been into lately that you may also like:

The Gillard Project by Julia Gillard’s speech writer is currently on my coffee table. While he sounds a little cocky, he does have enormous respect for Gillard. Her achievements tend to blur as time goes on, but she did achieve a lot and it is worth remembering. It's an interesting read.

The folk festival reminded me about First Aid Kit and their album have been on repeat ever since, along with Fanny, of course. I love Fanny.

I have switched back to black coffee during the work day and have been feeling much better for it. You aren't supposed to feel bloated after every coffee apparently!

A few weeks ago I started running outdoors again. There is something about being out in the crisp winter air that is just lovely. My tip to you is not to give up before you hit the 3k mark. The first 3ks of the run are a bit of a struggle but after 3k I tend to settle in and find a groove. 

I made this cranberry thyme gin cocktail recently and it was divine.

These cookies are absolutely delicious - make them and eat them today!

Looking forward to watching The Brink. The trailer looks hilarious:


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Saturday, July 25, 2015

 photo mandarin_zpsjd2raixw.jpg
Despite having it's leaves mauled by grasshoppers back in January, our mandarin tree is going gangbusters. Thank goodness Lulu loves them! I'm going to contact her daycare and see if they need some. There is just too many for one little family, we need to share the love.

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

Love Taza has five tips for being out and about with 3 toddlers in NYC. I can't imagine being out with one child in NYC let alone three, but it is what you know & are used to hey?

Lounge room before and after on The Blackbird - I love the plants and I think their black couch may be a slightly larger, more comfortable version of our couch!

13 Aussie Food Instagramers you should be following... if you you want to be constantly hungry

Alice locals do a lot of online shopping, Good On You delves into whether or not online shopping is better for our planet

Bikes, Quesadillas & Pools sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. We're back into swimming lessons this weekend but the town pool just isn't quite the same as outdoor sunshine!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

Renovations: Wardrobe Reveal

Thursday, July 23, 2015

 photo Wardrobe-before-after_zpswf9iain2.jpg
I had never designed a wardrobe until now. With a few design tips from Nick's mum I sketched out what I wanted and our wardrobe guy sent it to The Cabinet Shop to get drawn up. It came back with a $7000 estimate due to the elaborate cabinetry work involved! There was no way our budget could incorporate a $7000 wardrobe. Yes wardrobes are important as they house all our wonderful clothes but $7000 is a little steep considering I am not Christina Augilera (a chandelier would have totally blown the budget!). So I worked with the Cabinet Shop to redesign the wardrobe, removing the most expensive elements such as the front opening doors and the hidden shoe shelves (chandelier).

A review of Dig

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

 photo dig_landscape_zpsqariaocq.jpg
I think Dig may be the first archaeological televison thriller. correct me if I am wrong?! It is set in modern day Jerusalem and begins as a murder mystery as FBI agent Peter Connolly investigates the murder of archaeologist Emma Wilson. As the investigation progresses it evolves into something much bigger. An international conspiracy with  events occurring simultaneously at a compound in New Mexico and in a barn in Norway. 

Anne Heche plays Peter's boss, Lynn, Special Agent in Charge at the US Embassy & toward the end of the series it is encouraging to see her get out from behind her desk. Lauren Ambrose (previously on 6 feet under) plays Debbie, a cult member trying to escape. This is a fabulous role that just gets better episode by episode. Also great is the friendship that evolves between Peter and the local detective Golan Cohen. The other fabulous thing about Dig is the complex locations. Filmed originally in Jerusalem and then in various cities as the Gaza conflict flared up again last year, it shows just how western/US focused most shows we watch are. 

Dig is on SBS now, you can catch up on episodes on iTunes or Stan

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

 photo West-MacDonnell-Ranges_zpswajlpiq6.jpg
So I took this photo from our car as we were driving out to the Alice Springs Folk Festival on the June long weekend. It was to lovely to get out of town that weekend. The weather was just beautiful. Cold at night but warm enough in the day to wear a t-shirt. This weekend will be another story all together. We all woke at 7:30 today and it was still -3! Agh. It does promise to reach a high of 14. So cold. Definitely not camping weather. It seems to be the same over most of Australia this weekend so as you wrap up warm here are a few links I am loving this week on the internets:

Speaking of cold weather, snow has been falling in Queensland, the Sunshine state has been turned into the snow state see pics on BuzzFeed and more pics here 

Speaking of snow, White Lines are calling out gender sterotyping in the world of snowboarding gear.

Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler do True Confessions on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon

Love a spot of mismatched dining chairs on SF Girl By Bay

Jamie Oliver has taken his mobile food program to an Aboriginal Community in Queensland teaching community members how to cook from scratch. The program was specifically designed for the community to deliver results via SBS News

My favourite New York City blogger is moving! New York is so much a part of her blog, it will be interesting to see how her blog evolves without it. Read about the move on Hey Natalie Jean

Lena Dunham is launching an email newsletter where there is no such thing as too much information - I have already signed up. I love Lena Dunham and her approach to the world. Bring it on. via the Guardian 

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Have a warm weekend!

Renovations: Lulu's Room Reveal

Thursday, July 16, 2015

 photo Lulus-Room-before-and-after_zps9ybt42ht.jpg
The walls in Lulu's room were covered in cork - yep all three - making the room really dusty and to be honest, the cork gave the room a bit of a musty smell. To get to the room you had to go through the spare room, making the house essentially a two bedroom house.

The Alice Springs Show 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

 photo The-show-4_zpscukfrmy5.jpg photo the-show-5_zpsgxqed68s.jpg
A little known fact about life in the Territory is that we get the day off to go to the Show! I know, it's like being back in school in South Australia where your school would get the day off, but instead it's the whole town. Just one of those awesome things about life in the Northern Territory. 

Each year that we have gone to the Alice 
Springs Show with Lulu she has wanted to go on the giant slide, but has always been a little too small. This year Lulu was big enough to go on the giant slide, with a little help from Nick. Actually, Nick ended up helping a lot of kids - those stairs were quite slippery! From the big slide we went to the Emergency Services tent where Lulu showed great potential for becoming a volunteer emergency services worker. The petting zoo did not disappoint then onto side show alley. 

We went to the show with friends who have three children under five and somehow, moving 4 children around the show is not an easy feat. So we ended the day at the Cattlemen's Bar. A little known fact is that there is a playground at the Cattlemen's Bar and the kids can play in an enclosed space while you unwind. It's win win. Another great day at they show!
 photo The-Show-8_zps6we3yyhy.jpg photo the-show-1_zps5o790okz.jpg photo the-show-2_zpsf0yyuu5q.jpg photo the-show-7_zpsdbgagyfe.jpg photo The-show-6_zpsxyv70wfz.jpg

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

 photo coffee_zps2yudeopw.jpg
Coffee before the chaos of the Show
This past week has been a little crazy post show with Lulu sick and then myself. Nick had two days off with Lulu this week and I had one day off with Lulu, during which I felt awful too. Gosh it's hard to look after a kid when you feel sick too! We're all a bit better now that it is the weekend (thank goodness) and we are looking forward to taking it easy. What are your plans for the weekend? 

A few things catching my eye on the internet this week:

Loving these wallpaper photos by Max Wagner for Design Love Fest

Dads are learning how to do hair via the Cut

20 minimalist tattoos for the design lover on Brit & Co - I love number 10 and number 19.

The best feminist books for young readers via Book Riot

Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott discuss childhood sleepovers & movie spoilers in a playground via the New York Times

An interview with a member of Greece's negotiating team via Analyze Greece

I previously wrote about juggling sick days here
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