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Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Another week, another weekend. We are mostly having another quiet one in, apart from a family lunch at Nick's aunt's on Sunday. The biggest job on our non-existent list is getting the pool back in action. We accidentally turned off the pool pump the other weekend & it is not looking great. Lulu and I did our best to revive it Thursday night, but there is a long way to go. What's on your agenda this weekend? A big weekend or a quiet one? A pool rescue? Hope you have a great one what ever you are up to.

Catching my eye on the internet this week....

A great mother / daughter outfit post on Love Taza

How to grow orchids on Homelife - let's be honest, we're probably not going to grow orchids but the photos are pretty.

Next baby I'm doing this - except I'll choose to shower - maybe Lasseters can set aside a few suites for this purpose?

I don't this mum sounds that awful, sounds like a great way to explain the concept of not talking to an under 5.

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Exterior Paint Colour Inspiration

Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Choosing an exterior paint colour is a little nerve racking. The exterior is what everyone will see as they pass by your place. It's how you tell the world what the people who live here are like. At the moment the people who live in this house are indecisive. The outside is still pink. Some of the trim is still heritage green, some of the trim is a darker grey. The dark grey is our choice of trim but we are undecided as to the colour of the walls - except for Lulu, who thinks they should be rainbow colour or keep the pink.

Choosing colour for climate
Alice Springs has hot, hot summers, so as much as I like the look of houses with darker colour walls but they would absorb far too much heat. White would be great, but would it discolour too quickly with dusty wind? I think a nice compromise might be a pale grey to offset the dark grey trim. In the meantime here a a few exterior paint colour combinations that I am loving from across the web, what's your favourite?
 photo Lighter-Grey_zpsjomsfgiz.jpg
 photo Light-Grey_zpspdoicchn.jpg
 photo Dark-Gery_zpsvyxnarzm.jpg
 photo White-and-Wood_zps3a4akm7z.jpg
Ps What Colour to Paint, Selecting Paint Colours & a pic of our exterior within my September Renovation Update

Preparing your child for anaesthesia

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

preparing your child for anaesthesia
Last Friday Lulu had a CT Scan at the hospital. Sounds fairly simple but when you have a CT Scan you have to lay perfectly still for at least 5 minutes. A completely impossible task for a three year old. In order for small ones to stay still they have to under go a general anaesthetic. While Lulu has gone under general anaesthetic before, you are always a little apprehensive about a general. Plus this was the first time where Lulu would be completely aware of what was happening to her and could articulate her feelings. We thought it best to prepare her for anaesthesia.  

The night before
The night before I had explained to Lulu that for this test she would need to be asleep. She was a little worried about this because she didn’t want to have to wake up in the morning and then try to fall asleep again at the hospital. I went on to explain that the anaesthetist would give her some medicine that would help her sleep. This made way more sense to Lulu, because really, what 3 year old wants to wake up only to have to try to go to sleep again?

The Anaesthesia
At the hospital, anaesthetist explained to Lulu that he would need her help blowing up a big balloon. She’s need to blow really big 10 times, making the balloon grow big each time. It worked a treat and she did exactly as asked, falling asleep quite quickly. She was under long enough for us to get coffee and then drink it in the waiting corridor. One of us was then called to go in and wait with her as she was waking up. Nick went in. I would forever be in trouble for not being there when she woke up. Also because I hadn’t gotten the lollipop I had promised (though I did have Frozen stickers & princess band aids!). Once I was allowed in too, Nick went and sourced the promised lollipop. When asked about her day by friends of ours that night, Lulu only mentioned that she received a lollipop. Nothing was said about the CT Scan. Remember lollipops have the ability to wipe out your memory!

Ps Aspiration Update & Tips for Staying at the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital

Link Love - Letting go, Sherlock and Naps

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Maybe I'll work a full week sometime soon? This was another disjointed week, with me needing time off for a cyst on my hand and then for Lulu's medical test Friday. I am looking forward to spending the whole week at work next week and knocking a bunch of tasks from the to do list. As for this weekend? Sleep, sleep and more sleep! Lulu's booked in for a haircut, but other than that I am planning on taking it easy and possibly changing the sheets, but we might not take it too far. How about you? What are you looking forward to this weekend? I'm also looking forward to watching a bunch of Scandal this weekend. Here's to the weekend!

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

Things I keep forgetting on Design for Mankind

No one would ever tell a modern family to stop washing its laundry in a machine and start pounding their clothes with a stone down by the river. But a striking number of voices can be heard insisting parents should unplug - A really interesting article on Salon about letting go of your smartphone guilt

Mycroft is the creator of Sherlock?!

Speaking of sleep, I love a good nap. If you been skeptical about naps let the Glow convince you why you should take naps 

Happy Weekend!

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