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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Girl in the Pjs: Nursery Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few photos that have given me a little inspiration for Zelda's room. I'm thinking feathers, cactus & soft pinks. Here is the moodboard:

Girl in the Pjs: Nursery Inspiration Moodboard

And here is a closer look at each nursery:
Nursery Inspiration
Hanging eucalyptus on Mini Style Blog
Nursery Inspiration
Hanging bright feather necklace on Chelsea's Instagram
Nursery Inspiration
Cactus on Boo and the Boy
Nursery Inspiration
Tassels on 100 Layer Cake-let
Nursery Inspiration
Textures on Ses and Jen
Nursery Inspiration
Indoor plants and a cute bassinet crib on xomrsmeasom

Nursery Inspiration
Cactus on 100 Layer Cake-let
Ps Nursery Before and After & Lulu's Nursery Tour

Post Natal Recovery

Thursday, May 19, 2016

 photo Tips-for-Post-Partum-Recovery_zpssbkrdwak.jpg

This weekend's link love is dedicated to post natal recovery. I have to admit that when Lulu was born I wrote about the birth, breastfeeding, pumping, sleep, but nothing about post natal recovery. That part seemed sidelined to the immediate necessity of learning to care for a newborn baby.

This time around we know how to care for a newborn, that part is 'routine' and what is obviously not routine is the changes in me. The tiredness, or lack of - for some reason I just coped at the hospital and while Zelda was there but since we are both home I feel tired all the time and struggle to get up during the night. This may be because I am doing more during the day or the tiredness from before finally caught up with me?!

Milk Production
Adjusting to milk production and breastfeeding is no joke. I blame this for bursting into tears at least once a day, though it could also be the lack of sleep. My eyes look terrible. Am hoping an eye treatment on Thursday will help fix this. However, my boobs feel way better this time round. Last time they hurt like hell each time I pumped. But this time it's way better, pretty much no pain at all. Now I see how women can stand to breastfeed for months on end - it doesn't always hurt. I will follow up soon with a post on how breastfeeding/pumping is working for us.

I'm not going to lie, c-section recovery is awful. In my experience (and I know this is not everyone's experience) recovery from vaginal birth was 100 times easier than c-section, and that was with stitches! By week three post vaginal I was exercising again - at least walking around the block a few times, but post c-section, at almost 4 weeks, I am still sore just walking around Target Country to buy baby supplies. I am so keen to start exercising and feel a little more like myself - be able to do what I could do before, but I am no where near there yet. Lulu has mentioned wanting her mum back. Which is more than a little heartbreaking.

Anyway, here are a list of links where I have found tips to help me with my post natal recovery:

10 tips for postnatal recovery from Life By Bri

C-Section recovery must haves from XO, Mrs Measom - this post helped really helped me prepare for the possibility of a c-section.

Dressing for the 4th Trimester by the Fresh Exchange - this post goes way beyond dressing, discussing what you are thinking/feeling, including why you may need to wear sunglasses a lot!

If you could go back before you had your baby, what would you tell yourself? by The Grace Tales

What tips do you have for post natal recovery?

Me - Peter Alexander nightgown
Lulu - Bonds
Zelda - Hospital issue clothes & blanket  

Weekend Getaway at Glen Helen

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

 photo Ormiston-3_zpsavatmagn.jpg
Nick is enjoying a little paternity leave at the moment so we decided at the last minute to head out to Glen Helen Homestead Lodge overnight on Friday. It seemed to take forever to get everything ready and all of us into the car, but really it only took 2.5 hrs and that included time for both of us to have showers and a preschool pick-up plus filing the car with fuel, so not that long, really.
 photo Ormiston-2_zpstoa9zfdb.jpg
 photo Ormiston_zps6bi9myov.jpg
On the way to Glen Helen we stopped in at Ellery Big Hole to have a quick toilet break and to give Zelda a feed. This break turned into a swim for Lulu as well. In true Territorian fashion, we forgot to pack bathers for Lulu so she swam nudie.

There was another family there who asked me how old Zelda was and then asked if we were from here. When I replied yes, she said 'oh good' in a very relieved way. I am unsure if the reply was in response to Lulu's nakedness, Nick telling the British backpackers the best place to jump in from or Zelda being 'too young' to be out and about. Either way it seemed a little judgemental.
 photo Glen-Helen_zpskvgsschj.jpg
After Ellery we headed onto Glen Helen. Aside from an incident with their galah, Gee, everything went well. A cozy cabin and dinner in the restaurant. Zelda only woke up 4 times in the night - agh!

We came prepared to make breakfast ourselves, bringing eggs, bread, bacon & hot sauce. Nick cooked an awesome breakfast. Glen Helen even supply BBQ utensils, which was awesome because of course we forgot them! A big shout out to the wonderful people who shared their tomato sauce with Lulu, as we also forgot tomato sauce. It was so nice to get out of town and one night was just enough for me.
 photo Breakfast-at-Glen-Helen_zpsppo9gz85.jpg photo Breakfast-at-Glen-Helen-2_zps4in8vqae.jpg

Accommodation: Glen Helen Homestead Lodge

PS A day at Glen Helen Gorge, Top Half Folk Festival 2016, Out of town - Our Day in the West Macs

Newborn Essentials

Thursday, May 5, 2016

 photo Newborn-essentials-social_zpsmiogf7pi.jpg

Newborn essential lists are always jam packed with millions of 'essential' newborn items, yet half the time you don't need any of it. With baby number one you get to try out a bunch of baby stuff from the must have list and eventually you find what works for you and your baby. I thought I might save you a little time (and a little money) and share a list of things we didn't need for Lulu and a list of things that I have stocked up on before Zelda was born.

So let's kick off this newborn essentials list with the list of what we DID NOT NEED for Lulu:

1. Small muslin wraps - babies need large wraps. Make sure your swaddle blanket is at least 120cmx120cm. This will ensure that the wrap lasts past the 4 week mark.

2. A special nappy bag - I used a Castle for Gorman tote bag as Lulu's nappy bag, my friend used this awesome Tiff Manuell tote bag. No need to spend big dollars on ugly nappy bags.

3. Dummies/pacifiers - Lulu refused to take a dummy. Wait until your baby is here and seems like they need one before purchasing a dummy.

What to stock up on
The best thing about shopping for baby number two is that you already know what works and what doesn't. You can focus on the good stuff. Here is my list of newborn essentials:
 photo Newborn-Essentials_zpstid2rg2m.jpg

1. Muslin Swaddles - the one pictured is from Modern Burlap but the Aden and Anais ones are just as great.

2. Bonds Zip Wondersuit - these have a double zip so you don't need to get your baby completely naked to change their nappy. Great for winter babies. Zelda is far too small for hers just now but it won't be long...

3. Life factory glass baby bottles - BPA free, these bottles last much longer than their plastic counterparts

4. Boon grass drying racks - Bottles slip through your average drying rack, create a mess, end up not being cleaned properly. This grass is the way to go.

5. Medela Freestyle Electric Breast Pump - This pump is a bit of a splurge but when you are pumping 6 times a day it is totally necessary.

6. Cloth Nappies - You have enough to do with a newborn without cleaning cloth nappies, however cloth nappies come in handy as spew/spit up towels. Get the white ones so you can clean easily with stain remover.

7. Born with Style Moses Basket - Lulu slept in her purple pram in our room in the beginning, but the sides of the pram aren't all that deep so for this baby who moves constantly in my belly, I've splurged and bought this moses basket from Novita Gifts.

Alice Springs residents will be happy to know that all of these things (aside from the Medela Pump and Bonds outfit) can be purchased locally at Novita Gifts. Our Target stocks some Medela items as well as Bonds - Shop local! 
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