The Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Thursday, October 20, 2016

DIY Halloween Costumes | Girl in the Pjs
After endlessly watching a Doc McStuffins episode of the same name, Lulu has become obsessed with 'spooky day'. In the episode Doc and her Dad are decorating her house for a halloween party and they discuss how although the decorations look spooky, it is all pretend. It's a pretty cute episode and luckily it doesn't include trick or treating as trick or treating is not big in our area. As a nod to the episode, we thought we would throw a small family Halloween party this year. While our costumes will be no where near as elaborate as these, I thought I'd share my favourite from the blogosphere.
Hello WonderfulCotton Candy from Hello, Wonderful

StorqGrapes from Storq

Oh Happy DayLipstick costume from Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy DaySwimming Pool costume from Oh Happy Day - Jordan from Oh Happy Day is the queen of awesome costumes and party decor! This swimming pool costume is my absolute favourite, which is your favourite?

Ps Link Love - Halloween, Things we love - Girls PJ Edition, Cute Kids Halloween Costumes


Before and After - Open Plan Kitchen Living Room

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

 photo Open-Plan-Kitchen-Living-Before-and-After_zps5ecdwwf2.jpg

Our house had undergone a loving, but shoddy, renovation back in 1971. The archways were false, the bricks fake. Lots of wood & that 70s feel to it. I loved the wood beams but the rest could go. The oodles of wood made the house dark and dreary. The sliding door was dated. It was time to lighten the house up and modernise it just a tad.
 photo Kitchen-Before_zpsu8rz9amt.jpg
Kitchen Before
 photo living_zpssugsxeg4.jpg
Living room before looking to the dining room. Kitchen in far right. 
We loved an open plan look, so taking the wall out between the living room and kitchen/dining was the first step to letting in more light. We widened the space where the sliding door was slightly to add louver windows either side of wooden doors. Here is what the open plan kitchen/living room looks like now:
 photo Kitchen2_zpsrkwkej6z.jpg photo Kitchen_zpssjysldi2.jpg photo Kitchen1_zpsxoqmm9yd.jpg photo Kitchen-3_zpsxysocmlx.jpg

A few people have said to us that they went to the open inspection when our place was on the market and they just thought that there was no hope for the house. Just too much to be done to it and no idea of what they could do with it. It was the biggest compliment when a friend congratulated us on our sense of vision. We knew this house had potential. We loved the location, how small it was and simply the challenge. It has been a long process, but it sure was worth it.

The Details

Cabinets - The Cabinet Shop
Granite Bench Top - Taps Tubs Tiles
Sink and Tapware - Taps Tubs Tiles
Oven, Stovetop and Rangehood - Taps Tubs Tiles
Fridge - Harvey Norman
Coffee Machine - Harvey Norman
Hand wash - Thankyou
Credenza - Harvey Norman
Vase - Kmart
Plant Pot - Lola & Teddy

Rug - Kip and Co
Credenza - Green Cathedral
TV - Harvey Norman
Chair - IKEA
Couch - Freedom
Table - Mark Tuckey
Dining chairs - Kmart

Builder - Ebert Constructions
Painter - G&T Milne

Ps Renovations Week 2 - Gutting the old kitchen, Renovations: Dining Room Before and After


Link Love - Embrace, Flowers and School Holidays

Saturday, October 8, 2016

 photo Spring-flowers_zpsnd78yoi7.jpg
Monday and Tuesday went so slowly with school holidays. I'm unsure why I decided that we'd not only spend both days at home but that I'd also go through all of Lulu's clothes and 'things' that have collected over the year. While Lulu did get behind the tidying up, I think it will be good to show her that I am also going through my things and passing them on. Yesterday we got out of the house and went to the Museum and the park. That day ended in tears too as Lulu just became too tired and it ended up so hot yesterday. Smaller outings and weekend at home to recover.

Catching my eye this week:
Embrace has a powerful message and is on again at Araluen on 16th Oct - read this review from Kirsty Cole before you go

On accepting that love can come at any size

Love this super easy halloween decorations - all you need is a balloon and a texta

You're not meant to do what you love, you're meant to do what you are good at

You may have missed
Adventures in the front garden
An evening at the Desert Park
Henbury Meteorite Craters 

Happy Weekend x

Gardening with kids

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

 photo Gardening-for-kids1_zpskkzv0xnd.jpg
A few months back, we were at the garden shop picking up some herbs to plant when Lulu requested that we also plant some vegetables. I normally shy away from growing anything beyond herbs as I never remember to water them, then they die. It's like throwing away my money. But since Lulu asked and it seemed like a good activity, I said yes. She chose carrots, peas and beetroot. We planted, we watered. I then remembered to water and when I didn't, have been lucky that this has been a very rainy late winter/spring.

Low and behold, vegetables have grown. We have eaten some peas and carrots and there's still more. We're waiting on the beetroot, letting it grow a little bigger. It is terribly exciting. Lulu is so proud of her vegetables. Now for us to get the fruit trees back on track for next year.
 photo Gardening-for-kids_zpsoktn1der.jpg
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