Henbury Meteorite Craters

Friday, August 29, 2014

 photo Henbury-6_zps351ae16d.jpg photo Henbury-4_zps7495a0c9.jpg photo Henbury-3_zps8f89e2c1.jpg photo Henbury-1_zps84003feb.jpg photo Henbury-2_zpsefebee18.jpg
The Henbury Meterorite Craters are on the road back from Kings Canyon (If you take the Ernest Giles Road) and we have never stopped there before, but Lulu was getting a little fidgety and we were a fair way from the next stop so we decided to pull in at the Craters and we were glad we did.

The reserve contains 12 craters which were formed when a meteor hit. The walk around the edge of the first crater is fairly easy, perfect for stretching your legs after driving. Lulu even walked some of it. Nick & I were both too tired & wanted to get home quickly so we didn't walk around the others. The flowers on the craters were beautiful. We were there late in the day so the lighting was just perfect. No need for photo editing filters!

You can also camp overnight there for a small fee that you drop into an honesty box. There is a long drop loo and a few campfire pits. A great location if you like to camp in peace and quiet. As I said, we didn't stay too long, but it was definitely worth pulling off the main road and taking a look.

Renovations Week 3 and 4

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 photo Week-3-1_zpsf7169589.jpg
Week three was still in the getting worse before it gets better phase. A whole was cut in the wall between our bedroom and Lulu's so that we could make the house a proper three bedroom house, currently you have to go through one room to get to the other. The real estate agent sold it as a three bedroom house but it really wasn't. Knocking out the wall also unveiled some more lovely lino.
 photo Week-3-2_zps5f5a0ce7.jpg
The bathroom was removed, making the space really dark with the window boarded up.
 photo week-43_zps82878400.jpg
Then, in week four, we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The supporting beams were installed and the temporary measure taken away. I've circled the new beams because otherwise you may not have even noticed them. Behind the blue beam you can see the beginnings of the new roof in the lounge area.
 photo Week-41_zps7a1803a1.jpg
And last but not least, the poles for our new verandah and 'deck' area have gone up.
 photo Week-42_zpsf3ce8ab7.jpg
It is so exciting to see things being built, rather than being knocked down. Things are about to slow down in the renovation stakes and there might not be so much wow factor (i.e. the plumber is putting in new pipes and concreting to level it etc) so these posts may not be as regular for the next few weeks. But rest assured the big house, as it is now referred to by Lulu, is being fixed, slowly, but surely.

Things I Love - Palm Leaf Print

Friday, August 22, 2014

I've noticed the old palm leaf popping up on lots of things lately and I'd love to use palm leaf wallpaper somewhere but I'm really not sure where. I snapped the bottom right photo back in February in Darwin at The Pearl. It really does suit the tropical Darwin vibe, but maybe for Central Australia it's best just to stick with the awesome sheet set from the Odd Collective Bedding? With possibly that cushion from I Love Linen thrown on the couch?
 photo Palm-Leaf-Print_zps5ce3ca52.jpg
So do you think the reign of the pineapple decor phase is over & that the palm left will reign supreme this summer? Let's not forget that the pineapple trend started in Australia a few years ago by stylist Megan Morton. The resurgence of the palm leaf may well and truly start here this year!

PS Nick's response to the photo of the wallpaper was - 'That's terrible', so it may not get a guernsey in our house! 

Renovations Week 2

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

 photo week21_zps2db1b0e8.jpg
where our kitchen and laundry used to be
 photo week22_zps9bedf824.jpg
where our lounge room and dining room used to be
 photo week23_zpsb872ddff.jpg
awesome primary colour vinyl tiles that may or may not be asbestos tiles

Week two has seen the removal of our kitchen and laundry and a new roof on the old extension. It doesn't sound like much but it is huge! The removal of the bench uncovered these awesome vinyl tiles in primary colours. Makes me wonder how the house used to look all those years ago. The tiles have thrown up this weeks renovation surprise, in that we had to send a sample away for testing to see whether or not they are asbestos. If they are, then removing them is going to be a whole different ball game. Fingers crossed.....

Link Love

Saturday, August 16, 2014

 photo pineapple_zpsaa37e753.jpg
Starting the pineapple micro trend at our Revelstoke apartment 2011
This week was one of those weeks where for most of Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and for the entire day I kept getting extremely disappointed. Ever had one of those weeks? Needless to say it has meant that this week has felt really long. Top it off with a cold snap, most nights being around -1degrees and it makes for a small amount of struggle each day. Friday finally rolled around and I spent the night cozied up at home under the heater while Nick went out. Lulu went to bed without a fuss and I was able to enjoy the quiet, an episode or two if Veep and an early night. Sleep is a great way to prepare for the weekend.

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

15 Surprising things about parenting in Australia on A Cup of Jo - So interesting seeing our culture through an expat's eyes. I didn't realise that the fresh air/open windows thing was uniquely Australian, but I have to admit that even during the Revelstoke winter we slept with the window in our room open because the heating was up too high & the thermostat broken so it couldn't be turned down. The fresh air was always so lovely. The other thing we would do that locals couldn't get over was walk into town (10min walk from our place). Walking in winter was unheard of! As for 'sleep camps' - that is mostly a Sydney thing.

Alex Fulton's colourful home on Studio Home

What to say next time someone says women aren't victims of sexual harassment

This article on Bipolar awareness 

Hope you have a pineapple filled weekend xx

Renovation Surprises - Positives & Negatives

Friday, August 15, 2014

 photo plumbing_zps47e6fdaf.jpg
The builders needed to take out the sold brick at the end of our driveway in order to get a bob cat into the backyard. The plan was to take out just one section of the wall and keep the rest but because of how it was built, the whole wall had to come down. That was the first surprise. The second was a little bigger.

Not long after we moved in we turned off the dripper system to our garden. The thought behind that was that all plants in our garden should be drought tolerant. We didn't mind if we lost a few as we would replace them with drought tolerant plants. For some reason the oleanders continued to flourish under our no watering regime. The reason why the oleanders were flourishing? Turns out the main water pipe to our house had corroded and has been leaking, providing them with plenty of bountiful water to stay looking their best.

While we could dwell on the negative (having not set aside funds to replace our piping), I am choosing to look on the positive side - we will be conserving much more water and we may even get rid of those pesky oleanders. Have you had any surprises like this one with your renovations? Have they been positive or negative surprises? Sometimes it's just how you choose to look at it. Other times, things just suck.

And that was week one of our renovations. Tune in next week for week two progress.

Bones Season 9 Finale

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Did anyone catch the season finale of Bones Season 9? If you didn't and still want to watch it then please do not scroll any further. If you saw it or you do want a spoiler then keep reading.
 photo bones-season-9_zpsfc428729.jpg
I normally am a little behind in watching Bones, mainly because their season finales have such a cliff hanger that I don't want to wait months before they air the next episode. I forgot about this a few weeks ago when I watched the season 9 finale and am now deeply regretting it. What an ending!

Booth suspects that something dodgy is gong on within the FBI and as he comes closer to the truth he becomes a target, ending in a spectacular shoot out at the home he shares with Bones. Bones and their daughter (Christine) had fled earlier to safety, but Bones was uncomfortable with that, figuring that she is certainly capable of taking on rogue FBI agents. Once Christine is safely with Bones' dad, Bones returns to help. The house is destroyed, Booth is shot and when in hospital he's placed under arrest. Cue end of episode!

I caught the season 10 trailer that they aired at Comic-Con and the season starts with Booth in jail, so who knows how long that will last. It is interesting to see how Booth reacts to being betrayed by the institution he believes in. I guess that as it is only by rouge elements and not the whole FBI goodness will prevail and he won't be in jail for long. What did you think? Did you catch the finale? Are you hanging out for September like me? I will certainly be watching as soon as I can!

A weekend at Kings Canyon Campground

Monday, August 11, 2014

 photo Kings-Canyon-1_zps9c94bbc1.jpg
On the recent long weekend friends of ours invited us out to Kings Canyon for the weekend. We were torn about going as we really needed to pack up our house so that the builders could do their worst, but a break out of town sounded nice so we compromised and went for one night. Boy were we glad we did! It was beautiful out there. We drove out to Kings Canyon via the Mereenie Loop. I had heard the worst stories about the Mereenie Loop but the road did not live up to any of them. It was as soothe as a dirt road could be. At no point did I feel scared (as happens often normally on dirt roads).
 photo Kings-Canyon-4_zpsf40f27b9.jpg
Nick and I had been there a few years ago (turns out if was 5 - eek we are getting old!). That time we stayed in one of Kings Canyon Resort spa rooms and did the 6km rim walk, so this time we didn't feel the pressure to do that kind of stuff. Plus a 6km walk around the top of a canyon is not exactly toddler friendly. Luckily the campground had lots of other toddler friendly activities.

Our friends had booked a few of the budget lodge rooms at the campground and it was fabulous. Our rooms looked out over the ranges. Each room had a plastic table and chairs so we joined them all together to make a spot for the adults to hang out and laid out a picnic rug for the kids to play on with their toys. We managed to get the kids to sleep at the same time and with the bigger (teenage) kids occupied by computer games, we were able to enjoy an adults only BBQ dinner.
 photo Kings-Canyon-5_zps187e0448.jpg photo Kings-Canyon-2_zps51fc6d24.jpg
Prior to dinner we made it up to the sunset viewing platform and were blown away by the spectacular view. There as a wooden 'boardwalk' leading out amongst the desert oaks to a spot where the resort had built some seating (and a portable bar) to view the ranges as the sun sets. A lovely tourist took our photo for us. Speaking of tourists, some that we met were a little disappointed that we hadn't come from a more exotic location than good old Alice Springs. The old 'where're ya from & where're ya headed' apparently isn't as exciting if the answer is 'from Alice Springs and this [Kings Canyon] is our destination'. 'Here, you mean this is it? You're not travelling further?' Oh well, can't win them all!
 photo Kings-Canyon-3_zpscc8c993a.jpg
Aren't the desert oak trees magnificent? Kings Canyon was just lovely and we will certainly be travelling there again.

More photos on my instagram here.
This is not a sponsored post.

Things I Love

Friday, August 1, 2014

 photo Things-I-love-mixed-bag_zpsafd24623.jpg
This month's Things I Love includes a few things Lulu is loving this month too and, for the first time, is a collection of things that we actually own, rather than a wish list. These are the things we have loved in July:

1. Bondi Wash Bench Spray - I was given a small bottle of this in one of the swag bags from Splash Creative and I just love it. I was given the Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender scented one and it is my favourite. Not that I have tried any of the others, I just know that it is my favourite. I use it to clean Lulu's potty & the scent calms you as you clean.

2. Fisher Price Little People Playground - We hired an old one of these from the toy library & it was the first toy that Lulu would play with each day. It was the only toy she wanted to pack to go to Grandma's and she most certainly did not want it to be returned to the toy library. I succumbed to her cries and purchased the one pictured for her. She loves it.

3. The Upside Python Prana Pant - So comfy and stretchy without the fabric going see through. You know what I mean ladies. Ever tried on leggings where the print goes see through as you pull then up over your thighs? Well these leggings do not do that. And the print is wicked. I purchased them on sale (the full price is outrageous) and you can too as they are still on sale! Yay!

4. Bubby Makes Three Harem Pants - Ok, so it may be me that loves these more than Lulu, but she's never not wanted to wear them, so they must be good. They are handmade in Brisbane and unlike other handmade things I've bought, the fabric doesn't fade in the wash, nor has the fabric thinned from multiple washes/wear. 

The Renovations Begin

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

 photo garage-2_zps2221a3e2.jpg
So this happened last week!! Our renovations are finally underway! We don't have building approval as yet but with so much demolition to take place, our builder has started on that first, beginning with the removal of the brick carport. We are going to replace this with a lighter structure to let more light into our place & modernise the front of the property a little.
 photo garage-3_zps00578df1.jpg
As usual with a renovation, there is always something you hadn't planned on. When we purchased the property the power connection as hanging to low, over the driveway, so it had to be moved to the spot above. Luckily it was a cost for the person from whom we purchased the property. But guess what needs to be moved again now that we are removing the brick carport? The power cable will need to be moved back onto the house.

We had the option of running the cable underground or leaving it over head. We have chosen to leave it overhead as most of the other homes on our street have it that way & it turns out that if you run it underground, the cable becomes your asset that you have to maintain. Leaving it overhead leaves it as the electricity company's asset that they have to maintain. The things you learn!
 photo garage-1_zps8f61f45e.jpg
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