School Holidays

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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As a school kid the holidays stretched out like an endless, unlimited time for fun & play, but as a parent they’ve had me slightly anxious as to what we should do. Should I be organising endless activities? Should I be organising playdates? 

December was incredibly busy for us. On top of the usual Christmas madness, we had a wedding to go to, plus we tacked on a quick trip to Uluru the weekend before Christmas (who does that?). Zelda decided that the 23rd December was a great day to stop sleeping through the night. She hasn't slept through since! Lulu came down with a fever that lasted 3 days and left her feeling flat for the first week of 2017. 

Needless to say, post Christmas we have just collapsed. The only thing I have managed to do is re-organise the play room, making more space for play while Nick put together the trampoline Lulu received from us (no way Santa’s getting that credit). The reorganised playroom has been fantastic. It’s either been too hot or too rainy to play outside and so Lulu continually requests for us to play in the playroom. She does make believe play and it all happens around us. While she was unwell  she took to ‘having a relax’ in her cubby under the desk in the playroom. The relax has sometimes turned into a sleep. Most days we’ve been at home, in the aircon. Not doing much. 

But I was still feel a little guilty that we aren't doing more. That we haven't had play dates. That I haven't caught up with anyone for coffee. Until a friend called and asked if Lulu wanted to go to the Reptile Centre with them. I said yes! They ended up having Lulu for lunch and a long afternoon play too. It was wonderful. Maybe I don't need to worry about endless days at home that involve more iPad/tv watching than play because eventually they will balance out?! How do you handle the school holidays? Do you hunker down at home or are you far more social than we have been?

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Friday, January 13, 2017

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Life since New Years has been on the quieter side, something I have needed as Zelda has changed her mind about sleeping through the night and we are now in normal 'parents of a baby' no sleep haze.

You may have noticed on my instagram that work seems to be happing on our pool renovation. More on that in the coming weeks - who would have thought that it isn't so easy to fill in half a pool?

This weekend we are cooking, weeding (all this rain has been bonza for the weeds in our garden!), kid birthday partying & dining with friends. Happy Weekend!

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The Best Summer Dresses

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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I have road tested each one of these dresses and can say without a doubt that they are perfect for summer. My Camilla is in more of a swim cover-up fabric, it's a little see through, but I love it. It adds that touch of glamour to any swim situation.

The Alice McCall you do not need a bra with. This is awesome for less sweat but not so awesome if you are holding babies who like to grab at fabric. The dress does make you feel amazing though. Just be careful around babies

The Sportsgirl is a great everyday dress and the Gorman works as a work dress or for a casual weekend event dress. Each one is perfect in their own way. Making you feel cooler and stylish. Get into the summer dresses ladies, you won't regret it.

1. Camilla
2. Gorman
3. Sportsgirl
4. Alice McCall

Our Renovation From Beginning to End

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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We received the plans for our renovation in August 2013. The renovations started a year later in 2014. The final piece of skirting was put into place in December 2016. The process has been long but it is finally finished. Over the years you may have missed a post or two relating to our renovation, so I have gathered them together in this one penultimate post. Happy renovating!

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