Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!! I'm taking a little break over Christmas but will be back between Christmas and New Years with a few posts to ease the post-christmas blues.

And if you have a little time, please enjoy these awesome Muppets Chirstmas you tube clips - a friend posted one on Facebook the other day - seriously why did no one tell me that the Muppets are doing you tube clips?! I love the Muppets! Enjoy....

Link Love

Saturday, December 20, 2014

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I wasn't sure about doing a link love post this week. This week has been a bit of a shocker and has really hit home the message about the need to tackle domestic and family violence in Australia. We need to do more.

on the web...
Floral tributes in Martin Place
Memorial for disability advocate Stella Young

and on a lighter note.....
beautiful furniture by Urban Couture on Dot + Pop 
a box of this might be the perfect gift for someone who has everything on Of the Kitten Kind
tips for styling your Christmas table in really unchristmasy ways on The Grace Tales

Just a Minute in December

Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Listening - to CeeLo's Magic Moment

Making - cinnamon biscuits from this recipe

Eating - the cinnamon biscuits of course!

Drinking - homemade gingerbread lattes - from this recipe - gingerbread lattes really make it feel like Christmas - and they're so easy to make.

Reading - Yes Please by Amy Poeler - she is so funny and has a manner that instantly makes you feel      as though you are close friends.

Watching - Christmas movies - today we watched one of my favourites - The Muppets Christmas Carol

Wishing - that we were already on holidays. The countdown is on!

What are you up to? This time of year is so busy, but if you do have just a minute please leave your answers or a link in the comments below.
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I do have to credit my friend with taking this cute photo. Lulu was explaining to her how you make biscuits!

Alice Springs Town Council Christmas Carnival

Monday, December 15, 2014

 photo Christmas-Carnival-2_zps102ff5ea.jpg
 photo Christmas-Carnival_zps8b2e3486.jpg photo Christmas-Carnival-4_zps039bab52.jpg photo Christmas-Carnival-3_zps8a5b2786.jpg
Each year our town council has a Christmas night markets, carnival and tree lighting ceremony. We didn't make the tree lighting Friday night as Lulu was too taken with the giant blow-up slide. She has begged to go on a giant slide for the last two years at the show and she has been too little. This Christmas was her time. It was so exciting to watch her achieve her goal. The grainy photo is her coming down the slide, too quick and so happy. Merry Christmas.

Link Love

Saturday, December 13, 2014

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I can take no credit for this Christmas vignette apart from the purchase of the items, Nick put it together while I made coffee on our 'Decorate for Christmas' Day 1 of advent
Christmas has been in full swing this week with a Christmas party for my work and a Christmas party for Lulu's 'work' (daycare, she calls it work & trust me, they do have a gruelling schedule of stories, craft and painting), not to mention the town council tree lighting! I have finally made gingerbread latte mixture and Christmas biscuits (more on that to come) and it's only one more week and then Lulu gets to see her Nanna. The countdown is on!

Catching my eye on the internet this week:
A 'study' falsified the link between vaccinations & autism - there is no link, there has never been a link, and infectious diseases that were once under control are now rearing their ugly heads.

Homeland has an accurate and refreshing portrayal of bi-polar - I have not watched Homeland as I refuse to glorify the obsession with terrorism and the muslim 'other' but I am hardened to hear that they are accurately portraying what it is like to have bipolar.

This advent calendar by Mama Nourish is the bomb.....Next year.....

Christmas Gifts: Campbell and Hall Pjs for the man in your life

Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Through the magic of instagram I came across this new Sydney based pj company called Campbell & Hall. Campbell & Hall design relaxed fit items to be worn anywhere by anyone. And I have to say that although they are marketing to a male consumer base, their neutral pallet of navy, grey and white doesn't restrict them to only men, except maybe for their undies?! Campbell & Hall pjs would make the perfect gift for the man OR lady in your life. 

Link Love

Saturday, December 6, 2014

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Storms hit Alice Springs
Alice Springs has had a week of wild weather. Storms out of no where. Lightening, rain, then sudden rainbows and then straight back to rain again. Aside from the insane humidity in the over 36 degrees weather prior to the rain, it has been a nice change from the constant sunshine we have here - I know how horrible hey? Last night we stood in the park across the road and watched a storm happening in the distance with one of our neighbours. It truly is a spectacular time of year. Hope December is treating you well too.

A few things catching my eye on the internet this week:

A beautiful post from Our City Lights on taking care of your heart above all else

Lovely interview with Anouska Schollay from the March Collective on The Grace Tales - I met Anouska at Splash last May. She and her business partner Brooke, really are the nicest people!

Rebecca Judd points out how ridiculous tabloid articles really are.

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Christmas decorating

Thursday, December 4, 2014

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A little bit of Christmas inspiration
1. 2. 3. 4. - more inspiration here

It's a Date

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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I caught an episode of It's a Date and to be perfectly honest, sketch comedy shows aren't really my thing, unless they have something to do with politics, but It's a Date hooked me in. It's a Date is a sketch comedy show about, you guessed it, dating. The first storyline was a 'dating in the age of social media' thing and was a little predictable but the second storyline (the show swaps back and forth between them) was about a woman at a hen's night and it was anything but predictable. I have to admit I cried at the end of that storyline. It was so touching. I want to write more but it will completely give it away so I'll just tell you that it was Season 2 Episode 4 - check it out for yourself, Magda Subanski is just awesome.

Advent Calendar

Monday, December 1, 2014

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Lulu is really looking forward to Christmas this year as she hasn't seen her Nanna in a few months and she will see her at Christmas. To help her understand how many days it will be until she sees her Nanna (and to help the time go a little more quickly), I made her an advent calendar, counting down to the day when we take the plane to Sydney.
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Last year I made an activity based advent, but as we didn't always have the time to do the activity each day, so I thought that this year I'd make it a little easier and alternate an activity day with a special treat day. The treats include small things like new Frozen undies, two Peppa Pig figurines, bubble mix & of course a few vouchers for chocolates. I realised when I was storing the advent things that chocolate would not survive in the house with no aircon. Nick suggested using a voucher and keeping the chocolate in the fridge - I think it works out to only two chocolate days, which is great. The activities are much the same as last year, with things like 'Tonight you're going to the Daycare Christmas Party' thrown in as well.
 photo Advent-4_zps8130d8bb.jpg
Needless to say Lulu loved the advent calendar. She was very happy to participate in this morning's activity - 'Decorate for Christmas'. Her eyes widened as I said that when there is only one package to open, that is the day that we get to see Nanna. To me it seemed like there was still a lot of packages/days to get through until then but she seemed content with the explanation. I guess until now 'you'll see Nanna at Christmas' has been a little too much of an abstract concept. The packages make the wait a little more real. By late this afternoon she was requesting to open another, but tomorrow will come soon enough.

Does your family have an advent calendar? When I was little we had the chocolate ones from the shops, I loved it!

Joining the December Link Party 
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