Exercise Stats Week 16

Sunday, April 20, 2014

 photo Sunset-Telegraph-Station-Reserve_zpsd45bd64d.jpg
Sunset at the Telegraph Station Reserve
Sunday - 2.18km run pushing the pram with Lulu - 247 calorie burn

Monday - 3.15km run 254 calorie burn

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - 6km run (longest yet with my fastest 5km!) 430 calorie burn plus a walk home which added to a grand total of 503 calorie burn.

Thursday - rest day

Friday - bike ride with the family

I still can't believe I managed to smash out a 6km run! I am very impressed with myself and although I have felt like I'm not exercising enough, I must be because when I push myself I can get the results that I want. My advice is to not give up, but to also to give into those days where you do just need a break. It won't be the end of the world if you sleep in a bit and give it a go the next day when you feel more up to it. 
 photo River-crossing_zps55a10f7b.jpg
The Todd River still had water in it on Wednesday - an unexpected discovery entailing a river crossing during my run

Happy Easter

 photo easter-eggs_zps3aede4e3.jpg
Hope you all had a chocolatey morning filled with bunnies & egg hunts.
I'll be back with exercise stats later today!

Link Love featuring a little Easter Inspiration

Saturday, April 19, 2014

 photo Easter-Inspiration_zps19e95f0a.jpg

This year we're hosting an Easter Breakfast at our place. We're planning an outdoor breakfast with Easter egg hunt and maybe a champagne or two. It's turned into a fairly large gathering so I'll be keeping the food simple and I've taken inspiration for decorating table from the images above. What have you planned for Easter? Are you heading away? Staying at home? Celebrating with friends? I do hope you have a wonderful easter break.

Clockwise from the top:
Glitter filled eggs on Griottes
Grow your own wheat grass eggs - I love this idea! A little late for this year, but next for sure.
Easter muslin bags on Sunday Collector
Painted Egg Cartons on Design Mom - I have to admit I attempted this one, but the stickers never quite came off and then I just tried to spray paint over the sticker & it just didn't work all that well.

Wanting more?
Easter decorating with Megan Morton
Hipster eggs on Oh What Fun
Mr & Mrs Bunny inspiration board on Captain and the Gypsy Kid
How we celebrated Easter last year.

And there's more on my Holidays (so American, but not sure what other word to use?!) Pinterest board.

Frockin Up - Messy Saturday

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunday is normally our washing day, so Sunday before last, when it started raining there was washing on the line to get wet. Plus we couldn't do the other loads planned for that day (we don't have a clothes dryer & even if we did, for some reason most Aussie clothes end up shrinking in the dryer - it just isn't worth it). Last weekend ended up being a giant washing weekend. I hate doing the washing, but since Nick was painting the downstairs of my unit, I felt that I should take on the task. And what would help the day go faster? Bat wings my friends.
 photo Bat-Wings_zps4db1b2d7.jpg
I wore:
Bat wing cape by Minty Meets Munt
Singlet by Cotton On
Legging by Cotton On
Shoes by Birkenstock
 photo saturday-casual_zpsc03928b6.jpg
Just some of our gigantic washing pile - clean on bed, dirty on floor...
 photo mess_zpsf13c2d1b.jpg

Rain in the Alice

Monday, April 14, 2014

 photo Rainbow_zpseadff500.jpg photo Double-Rainbow_zps1d350c75.jpg
Last week something very unusual for this desert place happened, it rained! And it didn't just drizzle a little and go away, it kept raining - for FOUR days. It rained the same amount as the total amount for last year. A giant puddle formed outside my office and at one point the bottom of the car wheel rims were underwater. It was fairly exciting. I have always secretly wanted to see the Todd River break its banks (not far enough for anyones house to be damaged, just up to the sidewalks. No luck yet. By Wednesday night the river was flowing, but not even bank to bank, just one channel. The thing about the river flowing is that it doesn't matter how much it rains in town, it needs to rain in the river catchment areas. Sometimes it will flow when we've had hardly any rain in town and other times it won't flow at all and we had plenty of rain. So that is the ins and outs of our usually dry river.
 photo Bath-Street-Alice-Springs_zps047db24f.jpg
Wednesday night a giant double rainbow spanned the eastern side of our town, looking quite spectacular and we just happened to drive down the road where the river was crossing the causeway. We had to stop and take Lulu down to see it. She, of course like any other kid, wanted to dive right in & Nick managed to wrangle her back. It really is such a special time in town when it rains. Everything gets washed clean and the whole town feels fresh again.
 photo nick-amp-lulu_zpsc8326eea.jpg photo Todd-River-flowing_zps7ee0408e.jpg photo Schwartz-Cres-river-flowing_zps8d67fd26.jpg

Exercise Stats Week 15

Sunday, April 13, 2014

 photo Workout1_zpse45b61e7.jpg

Sunday - 4km bike ride with the family

Monday - 2.75km run

Tuesday - Rest day

Wednesday - The workout above - 100 calories and it took me 20mins, adding the 5 reps each round. Burpees are HARD - ugh. Then I did these yoga poses for office workers.

Thursday - rest day

Friday - Yoga poses to boot metabolism - The poses were great but I found this website to be too clunky, having to click through all the images, so I won't be doing these again. Also I don't really believe that the poses will boot your metabolism, I just like the stretching. I also did these stretches to loosen your hips & the yoga poses for office workers.

Saturday - rest day

Link love

Saturday, April 12, 2014

 photo link-love_zps48962e6a.jpg

It's the weekend and as I write this, there is no Lulu off to the side watching Peppa Pig. She was picked up early this morning for a fun adventure morning with her god mother! I am enjoying the quiet and the cool weather. It (though this may come back to bite me later) has finally cooled down here. We had a few days of rain, though not the floods we were warned about, but still a significant amount of rain, more rain than we had in all of last year! I'll share a few photos of the rain next week.

For now, here are a few links for the weekend:

Why did no one tell me there is a blog of all the clothes Mindy wears on the Mindy Project called Mindy Project Style? It's my new favourite not so guilty pleasure blog! And I am so glad that this show has returned. I love it.

There is a new series based on the movie Fargo (one of my favourites) starring Billy Bob Thornton and Dr Watson, sorry Martin Freeman, called, you guessed it, Fargo 

10 Best New Bands of 2014 via Camilla Styles - it would be remiss of me to not tell you that I've had a Shakey Graves album for over a year now & love it.

If you're in Alice Springs & looking for a townhouse to rent, I have just the right one for you!

Happy Weekend xx

Frockin' up - Girls Night

Friday, April 11, 2014

 photo girls-night_zps5c565fdf.jpg
Last Friday night we had a girl's dinner at Epilogue Lounge. Mexican food, expresso martini's, Kir Royale and good company - what more could you ask for?

This is what I wore:
Top - Target
Necklace -8 Other Reasons
Ring - Black Jewl
Tights - Bonds
Shoes - Sportsgirl

Linking up with Grace for FYBF
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