Renovations Week 8

Monday, September 29, 2014

Just a quick update on where we are with the renovations. I think we are in week 8?!
 photo week81_zps3fcd0da8.jpg
New doors to replace the sliding doors. Put in upside down! We'll be getting that fixed as it will always annoy me. Louver windows will go in either side of the doors. I love how open it all looks now!
 photo Week82_zpsd37adab3.jpg
New door to our room.
 photo week84_zps913ac546.jpg
The old door to our room has been patched up, along with the old door to Lulu's room.
 photo week83_zpsac0d1ffd.jpg
And the bath is in!

Link Love

Saturday, September 27, 2014

 photo desert-mob_zps2ed2136a.jpg
Desert Mob Exhibition 2014
After our trip to Adelaide, the plague descended on our house and we have all been laid up with the flu. Throw in a work trip to Darwin and bedding down renovation decisions and there isn't much time left in the mix for blogging. But I have missed it and hopefully I will be back into more of a blogging routine now that our health has improved. I have a few new tv posts up my sleeve and a few 'working mum' posts, as well as more renovation posts, so please stay tuned.

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

This post on Rebecca Judd Loves about Midwife Cath - Midwife Cath sounds amazing and I wish she lived here so she could be my midwife if we ever had another baby.

Barbie is on instagram and her account has pretty much become my favourite - Love it.

This fabulous article on the anthropologist Margaret Mead


Things I love: New Towels

Friday, September 19, 2014

 photo Things-I-love-new-towels_zps5a19259a.jpg
I have been operating on a two towel each policy. When one is in the wash you use the other one. No need for heaps of towels cluttering up the linen cupboard. This has worked well until the few months when these towels, purchased three years ago, are now starting to look fairly ratty from constant use. I am looking forward to moving the ratty ones on and purchasing some lovely new fluffy towels. I may even purchase more than two each to help with the longevity of said towels. I love the charcoal circle towels above from Country Road. I'm also going to be purchasing a few new tea towels and the colourful ones above are perfect for adding new season colour to the kitchen (found here). As for when we'll be enjoying our lovely new bathroom and kitchen, I wish I knew!

FYI - I did end up purchasing these sheets from the last Things I Love post - now I just have to wait until Novemeber for them to be delivered, patience, patience...

Frockin' up - Saturday Night

Friday, September 12, 2014

 photo Saturday-night_zps25b2c7c8.jpg
Saturday night we were invited to a friend's place for dinner & while I certainly could have gone casual, I took it as an opportunity to frock up a little. I also managed to snap a quick photo before I headed up. Excuse the surrounding mess!

I wore:
Jacket - Alannah Hill
T-shirt - One Teaspoon
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Sportsgirl

Beautiful Radelaide

Monday, September 8, 2014

 photo Adelaide-1_zps9b54d200.jpg
Cool bike racks (and cool bike) in Glenelg
 photo Adelaide-5_zps0b302516.jpg
Afternoon tea with Nana
 photo Adelaide-4_zps6f5f6803.jpg
Beach play with Nana
 photo Adelaide-3_zps00eabdb2.jpg
Ikea trip
 photo Adelaide-2_zps4c771710.jpg
Suburban sunset 
Just a few more shots from our time in Adelaide. The last two nights of our stay were spent in Glenelg. We stayed with my mum in an apartment at the Oaks Liberty Towers, just around the corner from my brother's place. Glenelg is very toddler activity friendly with a large playground opposite the Buffalo and of course, the beach. We stopped by the beach briefly on our way to the playground, we had intended on a brief visit because it was so cold, but Lulu just loved playing in the sand so much that we never made it to the playground - She called the beach 'The big sand pit'.

We were able to have dinner with my brother both nights - take away from Gringos the first night (after Lulu went to bed!) and then dining out early at Tasca Vida with Lulu the second night. Eating out has to be one of the best things about holidays. What are your favourite things about holidays?  I have to say a bit of a sleep in is one of my other favourite things about holidays. No alarm, bliss! The countdown is on to our next holiday.....

Looking for other Adelaide activities? Find out about our day at the Harndorf Farm Barn here.

A day at the Hahndorf Farm Barn

Thursday, September 4, 2014

 photo Farm-Barn-1_zps3aa62e6c.jpg
We've spent the last few days in Adelaide visiting my mum & brother, we were thinking of taking Lulu to the zoo when my brother suggested the Hahndorf Farm Barn. The Farm Barn allows you to get up close and personal with the animals, which is just what Lulu loves. I'm unsure how much some of the animals loved it though, some came up to you for cuddles while others ran away as fast as they could!

The Farm Barn has chickens, goats, cows, miniature ponys, camels, pigs, sheep, geese, kangaroos, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, deer and many baby animals. You can purchase food to feed the animals, though you do get mobbed, so beware! Yes, we were chased by geese and a goat did try to eat my top and my brother's jeans, but we survived.

Hahndorf is a cute little town in the Adelaide hills. It was settled by Germans and there are many German themed stores and restaurants and a few touristy shops. We had lunch at Udder Delights, a handmade cheese factory. Mum and I shared the cheese fondue - I have a distinct weakness for cheese fondue and this one did not disappoint. Of course Hahndorf has a Birkenstock store and I was able to get Lulu a pair for summer, plus at another store I purchased new uggs to replace the pair I have had for the last 10 years. Win Win. Hahndorf, a great day out.
 photo Farm-Barn-2_zps0f7ba580.jpg photo Farm-Barn-3_zps3dd16698.jpg photo Farm-Barn-4_zpsa37c9fc2.jpg photo Farm-Barn-5_zps5dd6b980.jpg

Henbury Meteorite Craters

Friday, August 29, 2014

 photo Henbury-6_zps351ae16d.jpg photo Henbury-4_zps7495a0c9.jpg photo Henbury-3_zps8f89e2c1.jpg photo Henbury-1_zps84003feb.jpg photo Henbury-2_zpsefebee18.jpg
The Henbury Meterorite Craters are on the road back from Kings Canyon (If you take the Ernest Giles Road) and we have never stopped there before, but Lulu was getting a little fidgety and we were a fair way from the next stop so we decided to pull in at the Craters and we were glad we did.

The reserve contains 12 craters which were formed when a meteor hit. The walk around the edge of the first crater is fairly easy, perfect for stretching your legs after driving. Lulu even walked some of it. Nick & I were both too tired & wanted to get home quickly so we didn't walk around the others. The flowers on the craters were beautiful. We were there late in the day so the lighting was just perfect. No need for photo editing filters!

You can also camp overnight there for a small fee that you drop into an honesty box. There is a long drop loo and a few campfire pits. A great location if you like to camp in peace and quiet. As I said, we didn't stay too long, but it was definitely worth pulling off the main road and taking a look.

Renovations Week 3 and 4

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 photo Week-3-1_zpsf7169589.jpg
Week three was still in the getting worse before it gets better phase. A whole was cut in the wall between our bedroom and Lulu's so that we could make the house a proper three bedroom house, currently you have to go through one room to get to the other. The real estate agent sold it as a three bedroom house but it really wasn't. Knocking out the wall also unveiled some more lovely lino.
 photo Week-3-2_zps5f5a0ce7.jpg
The bathroom was removed, making the space really dark with the window boarded up.
 photo week-43_zps82878400.jpg
Then, in week four, we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The supporting beams were installed and the temporary measure taken away. I've circled the new beams because otherwise you may not have even noticed them. Behind the blue beam you can see the beginnings of the new roof in the lounge area.
 photo Week-41_zps7a1803a1.jpg
And last but not least, the poles for our new verandah and 'deck' area have gone up.
 photo Week-42_zpsf3ce8ab7.jpg
It is so exciting to see things being built, rather than being knocked down. Things are about to slow down in the renovation stakes and there might not be so much wow factor (i.e. the plumber is putting in new pipes and concreting to level it etc) so these posts may not be as regular for the next few weeks. But rest assured the big house, as it is now referred to by Lulu, is being fixed, slowly, but surely.

Things I Love - Palm Leaf Print

Friday, August 22, 2014

I've noticed the old palm leaf popping up on lots of things lately and I'd love to use palm leaf wallpaper somewhere but I'm really not sure where. I snapped the bottom right photo back in February in Darwin at The Pearl. It really does suit the tropical Darwin vibe, but maybe for Central Australia it's best just to stick with the awesome sheet set from the Odd Collective Bedding? With possibly that cushion from I Love Linen thrown on the couch?
 photo Palm-Leaf-Print_zps5ce3ca52.jpg
So do you think the reign of the pineapple decor phase is over & that the palm left will reign supreme this summer? Let's not forget that the pineapple trend started in Australia a few years ago by stylist Megan Morton. The resurgence of the palm leaf may well and truly start here this year!

PS Nick's response to the photo of the wallpaper was - 'That's terrible', so it may not get a guernsey in our house! 

Renovations Week 2

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

 photo week21_zps2db1b0e8.jpg
where our kitchen and laundry used to be
 photo week22_zps9bedf824.jpg
where our lounge room and dining room used to be
 photo week23_zpsb872ddff.jpg
awesome primary colour vinyl tiles that may or may not be asbestos tiles

Week two has seen the removal of our kitchen and laundry and a new roof on the old extension. It doesn't sound like much but it is huge! The removal of the bench uncovered these awesome vinyl tiles in primary colours. Makes me wonder how the house used to look all those years ago. The tiles have thrown up this weeks renovation surprise, in that we had to send a sample away for testing to see whether or not they are asbestos. If they are, then removing them is going to be a whole different ball game. Fingers crossed.....
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