Link Love - Children's label, Dancers & a ClusterF*K

Saturday, August 29, 2015

 photo Boots-and-Succulents_zpsarufrdgn.jpg
old boots and succulents
A call from Lulu's respiratory doctor did a lot to relieve the frustration I mentioned on Instagram yesterday. We have a clear path of investigation going forward, but need to wait for Lulu's pediatrician here to return from holidays. 

Do you have big plans this weekend? We're looking at spending some time in the garden, Nick's going to a gig, I'm going to have a glorious night in with Lulu. Hopefully she'll go to sleep early and I can get stuck into watching Scandal, a show that is new to me. Wish me luck!

Catching my eye on the internet this week:

This sweet Aussie children's label called Minouche - I can just see Lulu having hours of fun in their play skirt

Also this children's clothing company, Arlo & Imus has a cute folky feel to it!

Dancers among us - New York Photographer Jordan Matter's latest project. I love the waitress, and the Grand Central Station one is a close second, what's your favourite?

A horrifying development in Australia's xenophobia - If the boarder force acts like this in Melbourne what do they do offshore? and this Timeline of ABF's Total Clusterfuck

Ps Did you catch our dining room before and after and 4 Reasons to Like Mysteries of Laura?


Renovations: Dining Room Before and After

Thursday, August 27, 2015

 photo Dinng-Room-BA_zpsnzc3gszp.jpg

The dining room shows off some of the bigger changes in the house. A structural wall was taken out between the kitchen/dining area and the recreation room. A large supporting beam was put in and a large room was formed, joining the kitchen, dining, recreation and lounge room together. 

4 Reasons to like The Mysteries of Laura

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

GIRL IN THE PJS: 4 Reasons to like The Mysteries of Laura
I cannot express how much I LOVE the Mysteries of Laura. It has all my favourite elements:

1. Crime Drama
I love a good crime drama. This show is set in a New York City police department & New York always makes a great setting for a show. With so many different people in the city, the cases are endless.

2. Strong female lead & other strong female characters
The show is set around Laura, a detective and mother of twin boys. She solves cases, manages daycare & preschool situations & navigates a messy ex-situation. The character is a little cliched in that she doesn't care about fashion & is pretty messy (essential for a female detective these days) but there is another detective on Laura's team who goes against the cliche and loves shoes and fashion AND can run faster and tackle harder than the blokes.

3. Each case solved within the hour
I know that all the critically acclaimed shows have cases that stretch on for seasons, mirroring the real world a little closer, but as a working mum, I don't really have time to watch episode after episode and keep track of all that. I need the case to be solved within the hour and this show has that.

4. Funny
Yep it mixes seriousness with a little humour. Can't go wrong with that.

The Mysteries on Laura is finally showing on Channel 9.

On Miscarriage and Infertility

Monday, August 24, 2015

As parents of a three year old we have received the usual 'when are you having another kid?' question. While said quite innocently, it brings with it a lot of weight. It doesn't have an easy straightforward answer and if I answer with the truth, the questioner usually feels quite bad. But if you don't want the truth then you shouldn't have asked the question. 

The truth is that we have been trying for some time to have another baby. After a year and a half of trying, we fell pregnant back in January, but that pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage a short time after woulds. To say we were devastated is more than an understatement. I don’t think i have ever felt so low. It just would have been super perfect timing, we had been trying for so long and we’ve just gone through so much with Lulu being sick, it just felt like time for us to have a bit of happy. But it wasn’t meant to be and that is never easy to take on board. It sucks big time.

Miscarriage and Infertility

Three things about miscarriage and infertility that have stuck with me from this time are:
  1. It is ok to be sad. I heard somewhere that you’d never think to tell someone that they shouldn’t be happy because someone else is happier ie ‘I know you received a job offer today but it’s not as great as x’s job so you’ve no right to be happy’. That just never happens, we always celebrate happiness, yet we think it’s ok to say to people ‘I know someone who miscarried at 6 months, you were only x weeks’. It totally invalidates your experience. You have a right to be sad.
  2. It isn't because of anything you've done. Mrs Paulie who I follow on instagram said she had trouble falling pregnant with her first two kids and with the second was told not to exercise while trying to get pregnant, yet when she fell pregnant with her third she was running daily. She shared this little nugget that ‘if it is meant to be it will be’. As we like to tell Lulu when she has an accident, ‘things happen’. It isn’t your fault. It’s not because you went running, or because you ate something or because you haven’t swallowed enough folate. Hold your head high when your friend with 5 kids asks if you’ve tried eating healthy and giving up alcohol. Crack addicts fall pregnant. It’s not anything you’ve done.
  3. This article by Hey Natalie Jean has also been supremely helpful. Whether or not you have a friend whose struggling with fertility, Natalie’s advice on what to say can also be followed for many of life’s problems - ‘I’m so sorry this is happening/has happened to you’ is probably the best thing you could say to anyone about any bad thing happening. 
We have begun testing and where this will take us we don’t know. Things happen or don’t happen as the case may be and it’s not because of anything we’ve done. It’s just how it is. It sucks and it’s ok to feel sad. Have you experienced miscarriage and/or infertility? If you have any tips on how to cope please share. 

Ps - I also wrote about our miscarriage prior to falling pregnant with Lulu here and here.

Link Love

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Plane time this week gave the perfect opportunity for magazine catch up
This week has been a wild one, but a good one. It is always wonderful to feel that your work is appreciated, to fit in & to be told you are good at something. I was lucky enough to have all those things happen to me this week. Here's to a fullfilled weekend! Do you have much on? Our weekends seem to fill up quickly at the moment. I am loving our Friday nights in though. The rest of the weekend is booked out, but a chance to be together on Friday night is gold.

Catching my eye on the internets:

This beautiful home on Homes to Love

'If we don't own the narrative of our own bodies, somebody else will use it against us' - Kiran Ghandi on why she ran a marathon without a tampon when on her period. 

Declutter one item a day sounds like the best advice - 10 Decluttering principles on Becoming a Minimalist 

An interesting discussion about little girls' obsession with princesses on Oh Joy

A guide to natural deodorant on Reading My Tea Leaves - I have been thinking about making the switch for a while & this post has reminded me that I just should go for it.

Let's catch up on Facebook!

Desert Mob 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Desert Mob 2015
Desert Mob is a big celebration of Aboriginal owned art centres. Occurring each year, the first weekend in September, Desert Mob is celebrating 25 years this year. The weekend is split into three main events:
Desert Mob 2015

Desert Mob Exhibition opening on Thursday September 3 - the exhibition offers a snapshot into what is currently happening in contemporary Aboriginal Art at artist owned centres. All artworks are selected by the participating art centres

Desert Mob Symposium on Friday September 4 - a chance for the artists to present stories, images and film about their art, art centres, country and culture. I attended this in 2013 and found it incredibly interesting and insightful.

Desert Mob Marketplace on Saturday September 5 - everybody's favourite place to buy affordable aboriginal art direct from the art centre.

If I haven't managed to convince you to attend any of these events then check out this invite:

Ps Desert Mob Exhibition 2014 Desert Mob 2013

4 Inspiring Dining Rooms

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dining Inspiration
Dining rooms really are the best room in the house. The dining table is where you share meals as a family and with friends. It's where you talk late into the night over empty plates and with glasses of wine. That's why it's so important that the dining room is a welcoming space. You need to want to stay. Here are a 4 inspiring dining rooms that have helped us shape our dining space. Stay tuned next week for our dining before and after!
 photo Dining-Room-1_zpsuzjjpu5q.jpg
 photo Dining-room-2_zpsfpezkchr.jpg
Something Beautiful
 photo Dining-room-4_zpsscdbdmuj.jpg
 photo Dining-room-3_zpsgi5tcuok.jpg

Link Love

Saturday, August 15, 2015

GIRL IN THE PJS: Alice Springs Telegraph Station Bike Trails
Riding the bike trails at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station
This past week I've felt a little like I have a little like Kate in that book/movie 'I Don't Know How She Does It', racing from one thing to the next feeling like you're only doing it all half right. Has that ever happened to you? Friday Lulu had a 'come as a letter of the Alphabet day' at daycare, which I forgot about. Thank goodness the daycare preempted this and placed a notice out Thursday night, but one night is not enough for this mama to pull together a costume. Luckily Lulu refused to wear anything but her Princess Ana costume. Sometimes a Frozen obsession comes in handy!

The weekend won't present much time to breathe, with Lulu's ballet recital this morning, mother's group catch up Saturday afternoon and heading to Darwin Sunday! At least I won't have to go into the office & I can read a novel on the plane. Here's to a little downtime where ever you can catch it!

Catching my eye on the internet this week....

Meet the Bonds team - the girls behind this awesome design

This week Timber and Steel premiered Fanny Lumsden's new single 'Soapbox' - it's a little bit of sugar on top of your cinnamon donut.

I one did an extremely short course on identification of skeletal remains and so was interested to read that Australia is getting it's own Body Farm

This post on How to Get Smooth Arms had me extremely intrigued as I too have weird bumpy bits on my arms - now to see if the magic formula works before short-sleeve weather hits (which in Alice Springs will most probably be in a weeks time!).

Love the bright colours against the grey ocean in this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

Happy weekend xx

PS that time I spent Valentine's Day in Darwin with Crocodiles?

Kmart Bargains

Thursday, August 13, 2015

GIRL IN THE PJS: Kmart Bargains
Sometimes Kmart just wins hey? Many times I have small heart palpitations wondering how on earth they could get something made that cheaply, but Good On You lists them as Good on their website, which means that Kmart are taking action to address it's impact on people, animals and the planet. They signed the Bangladeshi accord and they signed that they would not use cotton from Uzbeckistan, a country which uses child labour. So Kmart is working towards good ethical and environmental practices.

Anyway, I happened into Kmart the other day for a bit of a browse. Years ago I would look around Kmart every Saturday, but these days it happens once every few months. While I was browsing around I came across these awesome shoes for, wait for it, $7. Sale price of course, but still, BARGAIN. Turns out unlike other shoes purchased from Kmart or Target, these are actually comfy and don't give you blisters. Amazing.  Also picked up recently for a small fee of $12 was a pair of drop crotch black pants. Again they are extremely comfy. 

But the Kmart bargains do not stop there. They have bought in a range of outdoor furniture that is to die for. Not only looking great, but comfortable. Form and function? Unheard of! But yes it is true. This black couch is now at home on my back deck. I spent a long time sitting on it on Monday when friends were over for our wine and dorritos picnic day lunch and my butt did not get sore. Amazing.

Have you picked up any great bargains from Kmart recently?

PS Guess where the purse in this photo was from?

Bones Season 10 Episode 19

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

GIRL IN THE PJS: Bones Season 10 Episode 19
Oh my goodness, are you watching this season of Bones? You may not be as it is on Channel 7 sporadically at the ridiculous time of 10pm Sundays. Anyway,  this is a huge spoiler alert. If you did not see the episode that aired on Sunday and if you are not up to episode 19 then please do not click on the read more below.
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